Gold Hanging Stud Earrings

Gold Hanging Stud Earrings

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  • Colombian pewter with 24k gold plating
  • antiallergic titanium posts
  • nickel and lead free

Taking inspiration from the treasures of Bogotá’s Museo del Oro, these pieces are made using replicas of designs by pre-Colombian goldsmiths. From about 1600 BC to 1600 AD, long before European colonization, a dozen cultures made up the area of modern-day Colombia, and they were master craftspeople in the art of pottery and gold.

As I learned from the three women who own the company, “Gold was viewed as divine. Some cultures even believed that it had fallen out of the sky. These people used gold to adorn themselves with symbols that represent who they were, what they believed, and their level of spirituality. While the amount of gold a person had represented power, it was not about wealth and social status, but rather the amount of spirituality that person possessed.”


  1.     Keep in velvet bag when not worn to prevent rubbing against other jewelry.
  2.     Wipe occasionally with a soft cotton cloth. Never use cleaning products.
  3.     Do not wear while showering, exercising, or at the beach.
  4.     Avoid contact with alcohol-based sprays (perfumes, hair sprays), lotions, and salt water.